To Overseas runners12/11 UPDATE

‘Overseas Entry Category’ resumed!

Applications accepted from 20:00 (Japan time), November 7 (Tuesday), 2023
Application period: From 20:00, November 7 (Tuesday), 2023 To January 14(Sunday),2024

Event Name



Tokushima Prefecture, Tokushima City, JAAF Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture Board of Education, Tokushima City Board of Education, Tokushima Para-Sports Association, Tokushima Shimbun

Main Organizer

Tokushima Marathon Executive Committee

Date held

March 24 (Sunday), 2024
9:00 Start / 16:00 Event finishes

  • *Wave start
  • *Time limit: 7 hours (Time limit begins from the signal for the start of the first wave)

Entry capacity

8,000 participants (150 overseas participants)

Participation fee

13,000 yen

  • *Separate, entry handling charges must be borne by the applicant.
  • *For participants with a disability who cannot run on their own, one escort runner may be used.
    Escort runner free of charge.

Entry qualifications

  • Must be over 18 years old on the day of the event (cannot apply if a high school student at time of application)
  • Persons who expect to complete the marathon within the time limit

Start Blocks

For the smooth management of the marathon event, participants will be located in blocks according to previous marathon times written in their entry form.
Participants with no previous record will be located in the last block.


Tokushima Marathon Course
(World Athletics (WA) / Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and Japan Association of Athletics Federations official course)
Front of Tokushima Prefectural Office – Yoshinogawa Ohashi bridge –Yoshinogawa River north bank – Saijo Ohashi bridge – Yoshinogawa River south bank – West side of Jonouchi Secondary School – Tokushima City Athletics Stadium

Competition rules

Rules are in accordance with 2023 Japan Association of Athletics Federations’ rules and rules of this event.


Participants registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, in accordance with WA competition rule (TR5.2), cannot use running shoes with soles over 40mm thick. Competition shoes listed on the WA accredited shoe list must be worn. At the chief referee’s discretion, shoes may be checked after the race.
▼Japan Association of Athletics Federations (external website)
▼WA Accredited Shoe List (external website)


For event records ‘net time’ will be used and awards will be presented as follows:
Overall top ten male/female participants – 1st in open male/female, up to 3rd in each age category which is divided into 5-year age groups.

  • *1st to 3rd overall male/female participants, 1st open male/female participants will receive their awards at the awards ceremony on the day. Other award winners will be sent their awards at a later date.
  • *‘Gross time’ will be used for official Japan Association of Athletics Federations records.

Time-limit check points

7 locations
North side of Yoshinogawa Bashi bridge, north side of Nada Bashi bridge, north side of Rokujo Ohashi bridge, south side of Saijo Ohashi bridge, south side of Rokujo Ohashi bridge, south side of Nada Bashi bridge, south side of Benten Bashi (Sensui-kyo) bridge

Application regulations

  • (1)Cancellation and changes are not permitted after an application is made. Refunds cannot be made if the applicant cannot participate due to personal reasons such as poor health, etc.
  • (2)The event can be reduced in scale or cancelled due to an earthquake, wind and flood damage, snow, incidents or accidents, disease, etc. at the discretion of the organizers. Regarding participation fees; the amount of a refund, if any, will be decided after costs incurred up to the time of cancellation have been deducted.
  • (3)Participants should not have a heart disease/disease, etc. Also, participants are requested to be in good health and have undergone sufficient training for the event.
  • (4)Should the organizers decide that it is difficult for the runner to continue participating due to injury, etc., the participant must immediately follow the organizers’ instructions to stop. Also, participants must follow the organizers' instructions relating to the safe management of the event.
  • (5)If a participant becomes injured or ill, he/she agrees to receive emergency treatment.
  • (6)Regarding accidents, loss of property, injury/illness etc., with the exception of intentional or gross negligence on the part of the organizers, compensation will be covered within the limits of insurance the organizers are covered by.
    [Content of insurance compensation]
    If during the event injury or illness is caused due to heatstroke/dehydration, etc. a consolatory payment will be made in the case of death, aftereffects, hospitalization or hospital (doctor) visits. *The insurance does not cover COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  • (7)An application may be made by a minor with the agreement to participate given by a family member, relative or guardian.
  • (8)The false declaration of age/sex, or a person other than the applicant (substitute runner) participating is not permitted. If found out, participation and awards will rescinded, etc., and qualification for future participation revoked. The organizers’ decisions must be followed. Also, in the case of false application declarations or substitute runners, the organizers have no responsibility relating to emergency care/refunds, etc.
  • (9)Regarding the filming, photography, reporting and records, etc. of the event, personal information relating to name, age, sex, record, image (portrait), etc. will be allowed to be reported and used in newspapers, television, magazines, Internet, pamphlets, etc. The usage rights lay with the organizers.
  • (10)The handling of applicants’ personal information will be conducted in accordance with the regulations of the organizer stated on the right.
  • (11)Besides the stated regulations, the event will be held in accordance with regulations separately determined by the organizers and regulations for event cancellation.
    (If there is any disagreement, event regulations will take priority.)

Handling of personal information

  • The organizers are strongly aware of the importance of personal information. The organizers will strictly follow laws and ordinances relating to the protection of personal information and handle personal information in accordance with the organizers’ policies.
    Also, participants’ personal information will be used as follows in order to improve services.
    • (1)To send athlete bib (number card) / related information / event information, etc
    • (2)To have participants’ name and age listed on the event’s webpage and Tokushima Shimbun newspaper, etc.
    • (3)To provide services from event sponsors, cooperating and related organizations
    • (4)Announce event records (times, rankings, etc.) *includes organizations other than the event organizers
    • (5)For cooperation with emergency and medical treatment organizations (injuries, etc.)
    • (6)For measures to prevent contagious diseases, etc. (health office, medical facilities, etc.)
    The Executive Committee or Entry Website management company may contact you to request confirmation of application content.
  • The use (Internet streaming included) of the filming of the event by a third party without the permission of the organizers is strictly prohibited.


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